Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Renewing of the Mind, Part 2 - The Weeds in Your Garden

More often than not, my temptation will not be the same as yours. Why? Simply because of what the enemy has planted in the garden of my soul before the moment of my New Birth. However, because the Holy Spirit knows each of us so well, we have been given a spiritual deposit of Grace to overcome whatever trial or temptation comes our way. The devil knows us by way of observation. Our God knows us from the DNA that He has given us. we have been created in His Image - all the way from the lineage of Adam to now, the Fall notwithstanding. We carry the body inherited from Adam, but we have the spirit which is of Christ. The spirit man on the inside is His creation, whether the spirit is dead and needs to be quickened to life, as in the unbeliever, or life as in the born-again believer.

In the period of time before we were born-again, the enemy had planted various seeds of despair in the garden of our soul. This is done in many ways. Words might have been spoken over our lives. Words of death, curses of varying degrees ("You'll always be like your mother/father", "You'll always have ___________ disease/addiction for the rest of your life", "You'll never amount to anything", etc.) These are the weeds produced by those seeds.

At the point of our new birth, the Life of God enters into our spirit. However, the soul needs a complete overhaul. memories, emotions, addictions (legal and illegal) need to be healed. That's where the Holy Spirit comes in. fasting, Praying in Tongues, Worship, Speaking, Studying, Meditating and Assimilating the Word continually is the antidote. This is where the healing process begins. Deliverance from addictions and every other stronghold that torments is the end result.

I resolve to walk in the freedom and all the benefits that I have obtained as a son of my Heavenly Father.

How about you?


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