Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Being "Shifted"?

Over the past few months I have been sensing in my spirit  that many of those who have been "displaced" from jobs and careers (some after many years) are really being re-directed, or "shifted". What do I mean by this? Some of us (I include myself because I'm also a part of that number) should really seek to find out what the purpose of the Father is in all of this.

A lot of folks are looking at this from a different perspective. They will think that "I have lost (or ''am losing'') my job." It is not a matter of losing. Don't think of it as a loss. Rather, it might just be a season of promotion, out of a place of SELF-directed provision into a place of GOD-directed provision. This is the place where we are free to serve Christ alone--not a job--every day. A place of resting in His promises of provision.

It is vital that we hear His instructions regarding this, however. If you feel that you're called to full-time ministry, don't quit your job because you feel that's what you should do. No decision should ever be made based on emotions. You will almost always regret it. If it's His Will, the transition will be smooth, and His timing is always impeccable. Remember, the Father desires that many remain in the workplace for the purpose of financing the Kingdom through where He has placed them, and also to harvest the souls of the lost that you work alongside. You must determine with the help of the Holy Spirit if your ministry is in the marketplace or elsewhere. That is your responsibility as God's steward.

Many are looking to get back in the marketplace via networking on the Internet, looking at the classifieds, etc. I believe that those that have been praying in the spirit (in the case of some, years and years) will come to the realization that they have prayed themselves into the very place spiritually--and maybe sometimes geographically--that the Father has reserved for them. Romans 8:28 says "all things work together for our good". In context, this is based on what the Apostle Paul shares in the preceding verses (I won't get into that here--that will be for another time--maybe. Suffice it to say that it has to do with praying in tongues). We should always bear in mind that as His sons and daughters, Father always provides for us. It is the Fruit of His Love manifesting in our lives. Worrying is fruitless. Take no thought for the future, but patiently wait in His presence with fasting,worship and praying in the spirit. Constantly study and speak His Word (His Will) over your life and it will come to pass. It is His guarantee to you. Remember, Father knows best.


  1. What you say in the blog also applies to people that have taken retirement. Take this opportunity to re-fire and to ask the Lord what is the Plan he has for your life. You are valuable in His eyes.

  2. Good point. I already have an idea as to what the plan is. The Holy Spirit has already shared some of the "broader" points with me through either Prophetic Words or one on one "Face to Face" instruction. At present, I'm praying out those other "finer" points. At this stage of following these instructions, it's mostly baby steps. I'm hoping to lengthen those strides in short order. Thanks for the insight!

  3. A little bit more clarity on my previous comment. I have more than "an idea" as to what my calling is. That part is pretty much set. At the present time it's just a matter of following instruction as it is given via the Holy Spirit (Boy, am I learning about patience!). The really great thing about it is, My wife and I are in the right place geographically to begin the work once the time has "fully come".

  4. Very good and Accurate blog, Nigel. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day of life. At times it is like "this can not be all that the LORD has for me. When is X going to happen?"
    Patience, listening carefully to the Holy Spirit, not "reacting" to "seen" or "observed" circumstances. It is important each day ( "this is the day the LORD has made") to check in with the High Command for our daily orders!
    For daily we need to die to ourselves, to become strong in Christ. In this time of the Jewish High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the Feast of the Tabernacles, in the 7th month of the jewish Sacred calendar ( 1st month in the Civil Calendar) just before the 8th month ( new beginnings) it is immportant for us, as Children of Abraham,and joint hiers w/ Christ to know what HIS plan is for us, and speak it into our future.
    Thanks for the Blog!