Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Enemy's Attack On Family - Part 1

God has designed an order for family in the natural as an example for us to understand family in the spiritual. There is a Divine Order. This is outlined in 1 Corinthians 11: 3-12 (Note: This is not about women wearing hats in church.) and Ephesian 5: 21-33. The reason for the enemy’s attack on family is because that is what Christianity is family. He uses religion to try to destroy family because religion is ANTI-family. 
You don’t believe this? Consider the following:

Religion keeps women subservient. In Islam, for example, as well as many denominations and sects within Christianity, the role of women is diminished. Wherever there is bondage of any kind, religion is present. Family celebrates freedom within authority. Authority is not imposed to keep family members in bondage. We, as born-again believers, have been set free through the Spirit of liberty. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Therefore, ask yourself this question: Am I truly free? If not, someone (or something under the influence of someone) is holding you hostage. Christ came to set the captives free and whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Religion exalts works over inheritance which is the basis of a family. So what does he do? Destroy the family structure and/or the children so that there's no inheritance or legacy or make it impossible for reproduction within a Godly-Ordained union of two people of the opposite sex. There is a false freedom that sin promotes. Until one has experienced true freedom through the Anointing, one is not truly free. When you only have one frame of reference there is nothing to compare anything to. For example: a spiritually dead person will not know that he is spiritually dead until he has experienced the Life of the New Nature.

True correction can only come forth in Love. Debate is pointless. We don't debate the Word--we demonstrate it. When a person has a spiritually dead nature, they will misinterpret your show of love as hatred. Why? Because their nature is opposite to yours. What is the opposite of Love? What is the opposite of tolerance? Tolerance does not address the sin issue; it sweeps it under the rug. Jesus cannot tolerate our sin nature even though He loves us. A sinner cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Until we have had a supernatural encounter with His love which brings change, we are lost forever. That is Truth. If Truth is rejected, it remains Truth. Because He is Truth and cannot lie, opposing Truth is futile. The Word of God is the Truth that gives birth to the born-again Nature and is our sanctification.

In conclusion, I’ll say this: Pray for the lost. Pray for the hurting that they may be healed. The most heartbreaking thing that I see through all of what has been transpiring over the last few months (and it is about to come to a head--believe me) is that many who are lost don’t know it. Satan HATES mankind, saved and unsaved alike. He is on his way to hell along with all of the fallen angels. Our lifelong mission is to make sure we don’t end up there along with everyone else that is within our sphere of influence. Watch and pray.

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