Monday, April 16, 2012

The Revival Of Truth

NOTE: This is the last installment in the series of posts on Endtime Revival.

The Outpouring. The Awakening. The Endtime Revival. The Final Great Harvest. There have been many different names and terms used to describe what is about to be released in the earth. However, sound doctrine is what will sustain revival. Think about this: Revival is not something that will "just happen". The day of Pentecost came about through extended times of prayer by those who were waiting in that Upper Room--they weren't just standing or sitting around doing nothing. The key for them as it will be for us is to endure all the distractions that the enemy will throw at us to keep us from focusing on the task at hand. That task is the harvest of souls. You see, this outpouring is to bring in the lost. It is not just about a "refreshing"; it is to set the captives free from the bondage of sin. At Pentecost, the church grew - multiplied - at a rapid pace. Expect to see that - and much more - in these last days. This will be the greatest harvest of souls in the history of this planet, and we get to be a part of it...isn't that exciting? 

Let us focus on sound doctrine for a minute. I strongly feel that this is and will be the greatest component of that which is to come. The early church was established upon the foundation of the Apostles' doctrine as taught to them personally by Jesus Christ and further explained by the Holy Ghost, through Whom the epistles were written. Throughout the early days of the church, they were in one accord, both in fellowship and doctrine. Whenever there was false doctrine, as taught by the Judaizers for example, the Apostles warned believers not to listen to them or even fellowship with them. They and the doctrine that they preached were accursed. Paul's letters urged the church to be of the same mind and to speak the same thing. Once the oneness of fellowship and doctrine ceased, the glory departed; denominations and other man-made organizations took the place of the one true Church.

Think about this as we consider all the other "moves of God" over the past generations: why did they fizzle and die out? Azusa Street. Toronto. Lakeland. The reasons are many: doctrinal issues that brought division, sin amongst the leadership, including pride being a major factor, just to name three. However, the main reason, I believe, is doctrine. Sound, Holy Spirit-based doctrine. Not man-made flakiness. We cannot have unity if our teaching is varied; that only brings confusion. In order for us to all speak the same thing, we all have to listen to the One who is speaking. Spirit and Truth is what will sustain the latter day Revival. Whenever the Truth of the Word is proclaimed, the Holy Spirit lends His agreement with the demonstration of Power. His power comes to bring permanent change. There is no change if the source of the power is counterfeit. That which is of this realm-the realm of sin and death-cannot bring change. Only that which is from Heaven, that which will bring Light and Life, can change the hearts of sinful man. Otherwise it is just an empty show.

The Holy Ghost has been sent to dwell with us for a reason. Listen to what He has to say because He brings the Father's Will which is the Mind of Christ for every situation. Every area, every region and every nation. What does He want to do in your part of the world? Is that where you are supposed to be? Did He send you there, or are you one of those that just "went"? The center of God's Perfect Will is always the best place to be. If He sent you, He will give you the instructions as to what to do, and He will finance the work. If you don't know how, ask. His Wisdom is readily available. It is not His Will that you are ignorant either of the enemy's plans to stop what He wants to do through you, or what He wants you to do specifically. These things are very important. 

Another thing: Let's put an end to flakiness and promoting false manifestations such as gold dust and female angels. These are NOT OF GOD! If it cannot be found in scripture or has no scriptural basis...reject it! The Spirit and the Word agree. The Holy Spirit WILL NOT manifest anything that has no basis in scripture! Let us begin to fine tune our hearing; pray in the Holy Ghost and listen with the ears of our spirit. Earnestly contend--fight--for the faith. The epistles of 2 Peter and Jude should be enough of a warning to us. 

We cannot afford to be ignorant of what the Will of the Lord is for such a critical time in the history of our planet. Pray for the Revival of Truth.


  1. Amen, brother!

    from Tracy (Aulonacara)

    1. Praise God, Tracy...all Glory belongs to Him, Amen!