Friday, July 8, 2011

A Message to "Watchmen": The Smokescreen Of False Doctrine

Smokescreen: 1. a cloud of smoke for hiding troop movements, etc. 
2. anything said or done to conceal or mislead  (from Webster's New World dictionary)

   I have been sitting on this for quite a while and just this morning felt that it was time to finally publish it. Those of you that have read my previous postings here may have noticed that there are a lot of references to doctrine. I have realized that one of the three primary areas that the Lord has called my wife and I are to doctrine. I won't get into the other two here because it is not relevant to what I am about to share. 
   In the wee hours of Sunday March 20, I was in that state between of what I like to call "wake and sleep". There was a considerable stirring in my spirit and the Lord began to speak. What had began the previous night in my quiet time before bed continued as He began to speak about some things that I believe are relevant to the Body of Christ for this hour. After stirring myself into that state of being fully awake, I got up, grabbed my ever-present  pad and began to write, listening to the best of my ability. You may notice that there are certain references made here to what was current at the time this was first received. Even though the names of the "characters" may have changed, the purpose of the enemy has not. If you are one of those that I like to call the "Watchmen on the Wall"--those that are called to pray (and even if you aren't) this is for you. What follows is the (slightly) edited version of what He spoke. I pray that it is a blessing to you as you read.

The Smokescreen Of False Doctrine
   The planet is being destroyed because of the sin-judgment that began with Adam and Eve's rebellion in the Garden. Jesus came to save the people on this planet--not the planet itself. There has already been made a way of escape for mankind through the Cross. The judgment of the earth is now being manifested. Concurrent with this, the enemy is using the smokescreen of false doctrine to try to destroy mankind also, believers and non-believers alike. 
   Satan is trying to lure Christians into false doctrine through deception. First, he tempts the leadership in the Body like he attempted with Jesus in the wilderness. Once he has the leadership deceived, the leadership will promote his false doctrine agenda to the rest of the body. Now--more than ever--is the time for the Body of Christ to be in close, constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit, your Teacher. He is the One sent to show you things to come and bring discernment to the Body.
   Your enemy is hoping that you will be swayed by those who have influence among the Body of Christ. The more influence a preacher has, the greater the possibility that what they teach will cause members of the Body to fall away. The enemy tempts them with the trappings of success and all the things that will appeal to their flesh. Once he has them, he is hoping that many others in the Body will follow suit. This is the pattern of what happened in Heaven when Lucifer and the other angels rebelled. He is hoping to repeat that in the earth.
   There is arising a counterfeit "church" within the True Church. It looks like the Church, it acts like the Church, but it is not. It is devoid of power. Only by spending time in fellowship with the Holy Spirit can you discern this. The enemy's intent is to draw the Body away from fellowship time with the True teacher in order to listen to the false teachers that satan has placed in the Body. Accept no instruction or doctrine other than that which originates with the Holy Ghost.
   The enemy also has the same agenda for those in the world's system -- the unbelievers. His plan is to keep them as he always has, from the way of salvation. However, he is unleashing even more in the realm of the demonic in the fields of entertainment: Music, the Internet and Movies. He uses celebrities--just like [he uses those] in the Church. Once he is finished using them, he spits them out and looks for someone else. He uses the same modus operandi with world leaders, such as Saddam Hussein. Pay close attention to what is happening right now with Charlie Sheen. This is an example of someone on the road to self-destruction. Pray that his soul will be saved. Each and every soul is precious to the Father--fruit to be harvested. He regards no man's person.
   In the coming days, it is vital that the Father has watchmen that He can trust to deliver His Word and pray His Will over this planet. Do not be afraid of their faces. Watch and Pray. Stand and Deliver. This is the ultimate act of the Father's Mercy. It is not His Will that any of these precious souls should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
  Pull them from the fire.

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