Monday, March 28, 2011

The "Genesis" Of False Doctrine

The entire realm of sin and death that we inhabit right now was birthed through these simple words: "Ye shall not surely die" [Gen. 4:3b]. Once Adam and Eve received and acted upon these words, sin entered in and changed the entire planet. Sin's partner, death - both physical and spiritual - entered in also. This was the first lie; the genesis of all false doctrine, spoken out of the mouth of the father of all lies. The purpose was to turn Adam and Eve away from Truth. This they did by eating of the tree that they were commanded not to eat from. Since then, the enemy has used every tool at his disposal in this realm of the senses to keep mankind from the Truth, the very person of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, yes, you shall surely die. The wages of sin is spiritual death.

When Mary was visited by the Archangel Gabriel, she received his word as truth. Her response was this: "Behold the handmaiden of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word." [Luke 1:38b] This opened the door for Truth to be manifested on this planet. Truth to counteract and defeat the lie that was first manifested in Genesis 3. Grace and Truth has set us free from the law of sin and death.

The spirit of religion is influenced by Satan himself. There are so many instances in the gospels where Jesus confronted that spirit when dealing with the scribes and Pharisees. The intent of this spirit is to minimize the completed work of the Cross. In the early church, the way this spirit operated was to try to convince Jewish converts that faith in Jesus alone was not enough. It was the Cross plus keeping the law. Today, it's the Cross plus your "works"- things that you do for God in order to make your salvation complete. In some cases even that might not be enough. Don't fall for this deception...the Cross is enough!

I believe that today there exists another "tree". This tree is what I like to call the Tree of Religion and False Doctrine, planted by the devil. Psalm 1 describes the man who is like a tree that is planted - firmly rooted and grounded - by the rivers of water, which represents the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. This man is spending time fellowshipping with his Teacher, God the Holy Spirit. He is the antidote to false doctrine, the One sent to guide us into all Truth. Employing Him on a consistent basis by praying in the Holy Ghost will eradicate any and all wrong teaching and wrong believing in our lives. Only those that are listening to the Voice of the Holy Spirit in these endtimes will have the proper fruit to feed the Body. 

What I'm seeing lately is what appears to be a small forest. This "tree" of Religion and False Doctrine is in the center. There are other smaller trees all around it, feeding from it's root system. I'm not quite sure how that makes sense in the natural, since there's no water present for nourishment-which is precisely the problem. NO WATER. These lesser trees are yielding fruit that unsuspecting Christians are eating from, because these trees and the fruit that they bear "look good". Sound familiar? 

Along with the natural disasters that are now prevalent in the earth, there is an assignment of the enemy to draw away mankind from Truth. Yes, we are living in the age of many signs, some visible and some not so visible. The ones that are not as visible require discernment that only praying in the Spirit can accomplish. The great falling away by many in the Church will be the sign as to which "tree" they are eating from. Don't fall for the enemy's trap. His methods have not changed. Be careful what tree you eat from. Eating from the wrong tree can kill you.

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  1. Father God! Help your people to receive knowledge of the Truth and do what they know...that many may be pulled from deception's tuggings. Timely word, Nigel!

  2. Lord help us to totally abandon religion and join the real family of Christians. Let the Revival of Truth, Soundness of Mind and Sanity come forth.
    Keep the good job Nigel.(Comment from Bernard and Pam Dreyer)
    March 28, 2011 1:07 PM